Lean development as a separate methodology came to us from the book by Tom and Mary Poppendieck and is now expanded upon by the ever-growing body of literature. Similarly, in our example, if the chef creates some dish which is very tasty, appreciated by the customers and gets repeated orders, its recipe must be shared with the rest of the chefs. It would be a delight for the rest of the chefs to learn what Chef did differently to make it taste great.

lean software development methodology

By mapping out your plan (for example, using flowcharts), you will easily identify any wasteful steps, bottlenecks, or pain points that would delay the development process or cost you unnecessary expenses. Mary and Tom Poppendieck used the term Lean software development in the book they published by the same name in 2003. It applied the seven Lean principles to software engineering and the development process. The last three Lean principles highlight some of what the Lean methodology has in common with Agile. In both cases, the product development team sets the pace and is responsible for delivering the product.

The Drawbacks of Lean Software Development

As you read through the list below, take a moment to jot down the areas of symmetry and dissonance — this can help you later on as you decide which approach is best for your own team. Because the manifesto outlines an ethos for software development rather than prescribed steps, there is a natural propensity to seek out defined frameworks and processes. This is especially true in complex enterprise organizations that want to benefit from the promise of agile but face practical implications for how to roll out the principles at scale.

Lean is vital for an industry like aviation, where there is always room to improve customer value by changing processes to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. Lean software development is applicable for both offshore and in-house teams. This is because, for effective communication and flow of work, the project manager needs to stay in contact with the team and work together with them through the development process. The main concept behind the Lean development methodology is that efficiencies can be applied, and waste can be managed at all levels of the process. These include at the individual level, as well as in departments, in interdepartmental operations, in the overall organization, and between the organization and its customers and suppliers.

Build Quality

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), for example, brings in values of both agile and lean and applies them to large organizations. SAFe® teams might use kanban (a lean workflow organization system) to create systems at different levels of the organization while also supporting agile approaches through program increments and scrum at the team level. Toyota’s approach built upon other paradigms for manufacturing and management. As technology rapidly advanced in the late 1980s, many developers began to look at the system for inspiration on how to improve outdated modes of delivering software. This principle of Lean development emphasizes the importance of allowing people to safely share their ideas and feelings. The goal is to recognize that people are the most valuable assets in the company.

Lean development is a software development process focusing on efficiency and waste reduction. The primary purpose of Lean development is to reduce the time and resources needed to build and deploy software. A deep and clear understanding of these lean development principles can result in successful projects involving large or small development teams. We hope you found our post on the top software development methodologies informative and helpful. By understanding the various methodologies and their equilibrium, you can make a knowledgeable judgment and stitch together your development strategy to best suit your project’s necessities. Whether you prefer Agile’s flexibility, Waterfall’s structure, or any other methodology, remember that adaptability and continuous improvement are key to successful software development.

Key points at a glance: what is lean software development?

The main difference between agile and lean is that one is a philosophy and one is a methodology. But inspect closer and you will find more nuanced differences in what each prioritizes. Agile is focused on users, managing uncertainty, and delivering working software.

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  • The principle of building quality into software goes beyond the natural inclination of professionals to do a good job.
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  • Agile and lean share the same fundamental objective — to enable development teams to deliver what customers will love.
  • Once you thoroughly grasp the basics, you can begin implementing some of the key practices into your workflow.

This perspective allows teams to identify and address systemic issues and achieve greater efficiency. Delivering fast is another key principle of lean software development. Following this rule, programmers will not pile up waste by building functions that customers will give the thumbs down to.

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Some invaluable skills to lean thinking teams are healthy communication, conflict resolution, and the ability to hold healthy, productive discussions. When you give your team a voice, they feel closer to the project and are more motivated to do their best. The development team should be encouraged to do quality work at every stage of development.

Automation of as many manual, repeatable processes vulnerable to human error as possible. DropBox incorporated Lean Startup Principles to incorporate immediate, high-quality feedback by reaching users where they were, helping them reach 1mm users within 7 months of launch. After graduating from college, he was employed at Microsoft, where he had the task of developing a macro language strategy for Excel using the Basic language. Spolski developed specifications following the requirements and preferences of users. Most companies use a traditional approach to decision-making in which managers tell performers how to do their jobs.

What is Lean software development used for?

The waste risk of manufacturing an item before it is required translates to unnecessary code and functionality in software development. Both delay delivery time and feedback loops and should be consciously avoided. One way this is achieved in Lean software development is through the rapid delivery of small increments of working software that Agile frameworks promote. Lean, or The Toyota Way as it was known before being rebranded in the late 1980s, is one of the founding fathers of modern project management and design thinking theory. Its roots are in manufacturing but its principles informed and inspired the Agile approach to software development starting with Scrum. Lean software development methodology focuses on delivering value quickly and efficiently.

lean software development methodology

Management often requires performers to have a clear plan of activities. Its authors actively participated in Agile conferences, so it is not surprising that the concept quickly gained publicity among the proponents of this approach. The success of an IT project depends on the approach you select when developing it. Discover the potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot to streamline tedious processes and uncover critical insights. Waste reduction, the first rule in Lean engineering, defines its purpose.

How to Implement Lean Development and Project Management

The accumulation of defects should be prevented by running tests as soon as the code is written. The second step is to point out sources of waste and to eliminate them. Waste-removal should take place iteratively until even seemingly essential processes and procedures are lean software development methodology liquidated. The pie chart here reflects that, with only 1% of software developers saying they follow a Lean methodology at their team level. A Lean mindset encourages teams to take a systems view on how an organisation is delivering value and streamline the flow of work.